bio:fictions – Ko-kreative Design Fictions der Bioökonomie

Sound of Contagion

University of Oxford, England

Tech-Solutionismus (Panelmoderation)

The Imaginaries of Merging Mind and Machine

Future follows Fiction

Tactical Science-Fiction

Rethinking Futures

Imaginationsforschung im Kontext von TA

Technodystopian Imaginaries in Cyberpunk worlds

A.I. against Extinction II

Prototyping Sociotechnical Systems (with Nele Fischer)

What desert smells like? An exercise in speculative Worldbuilding.

Worldbuilding & Speculative Fiction

Curating Emerging Futures

Humboldt-University, Berlin

Digital ist man weniger allein?

Nano Visionen (mit Christopher Coenen)

A.I. against Extinction I (with Bernd Hopfengärner)

Speculative Performances

A Plea for Speculative Thinking

Speculative Foresight

Huddle of the Mastercourse Future Studies, FU-Berlin.

Objects of Uncertainty

Business Science-Fictionalized (with Joachim Haupt)

Re:Publica, Berlin, Germany.